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We go LIVE on September 6th @ 10am EST
Launch Ends on Sept 12th @ 11:59 EST

Why Promote?

Expect Great Conversions!

Our product consistenly produce $2-5 front end EPC's with $10+ on our oto's. You can expect us to bring the heat with this launch just like we always do! Just check out some of stats below to see for yourself...

Killer Front End Offer

Not only is this theme a smoking deal at the $17 price point but it's loaded with bonuses that local marketers are going to love. Like all of our launches you can expect killer conversions and happy customers!

Highly Congruent Funnel

We have multiple OTO's in place that have proven to convert like hot cakes. We've tested this funnel extensively and it flat out works. Expect to see some amazing conversions on our Training and Software OTO's.

JV Cash Contest

In addition to multiple OTO's and sweet commission on the entire funnel we've also got a $1,500 JV Cash Contest to earn even more cash straight to your Paypal! It's based on total sales and pays out the day after the launch ends.

Promo Materials

Launch Schedule

Sept 6th - Opens at 10am est with a $2 early bird coupon

- $2 off coupon expires @ 5pm EST

- Price Increases to $17.95 @ Midnight EST


Sept 7th

- Price Increases to $18.95 @ 5pm EST

- Price Increases to $19.95 @ Midnight EST

- $2 off Coupon takes effect


Sept 8th

- $2 off coupon expires @ 5pm EST

- Price increases to $20.95 @ Midnight EST

- $3 off coupon takes effect


Sept 9th

- $3 off coupon expires @ 5pm EST

- Price Freezes for 24 hours


Sept 10th

- Price Increases to $21.95 @ 5pm EST

- $3 off coupon takes effect

- $3 off coupon expires @ Midnight EST


Sept 11th

- Price Increases to $22.95 @ 5pm EST

- $4 off coupon takes effect

- Price Increases to $23.95 @ Midnight EST


Sept 12th (closing day)

- Price Increases to $24.95 @ 5pm EST

- Final Price Increase to $37 @ Midnight EST

The Sales Funnel

Instant Agency Theme


OTO #1 - Digital Client Crash Course


OTO#2 - Mixtape Software


Plus a $197 (50% commission) DFY Customization Service

Do Our Products Convert?

Just check out some of our stats from our previous launches...
jvzoo potd lld2
lld2 250
And just a few more examples of what our consistent conversions...

Plus We've Got over $1,500 in JV Prizes!

1st Prize
$700 Cash

2nd Prize
$350 Cash

3rd Prize
$250 Cash
Contest Details: Places are tracked based on gross sales amount meaning the OTO's are included. There are no minimum sales requirements. Teams are allowed but only up to two people. Contest Starts when the cart opens Sept 6th @ 11am EST and ends Tuesday Sept 12th @ Midnight EST. Payments will be sent out on Wednesday Sept 6th.

What is Included in the Main Offer?

Check out a Quick Demo of the Instant Agency Theme...

In addition to a killer price on a feature rich theme that includes Developers rights we'll also be stacking the main offer with bonuses. The bonuses will all center around the one thing we know local marketers are looking for...ways to get more clients!

You can expect this front end offer to convert like crazy throughout the entire launch period!

Plus We Have Multiple High Converting OTO's

DCC Logo
Digital Client Crash Course is a complete training that teaches your subscribers how to build a six figure local marketing business. We show them multiple methods for bringing in a consistent flow of high ticket that are ready to buy marketing services.

From there we teach how to break down the clients niche, put together a quality proposal and closing the deal using a "low pressure close". We've even included a proposal template they can use along with the "secret weapon" we show them how to deploy.

In addition to showing them how to build a client base rapidly we also break down our best methods for finding high quality outsourcers, delivering Design, SEO, Social Media and even monthly paid advertising.

This course is a complete A-Z that is a perfect fit with the main offer meaning you should see smoking conversions from it. We've sold this content for up to $497 so it will be a killer deal for at the $37-67 price points.

Check out the Mixtape Software (OTO #2)...

The Mixtape Platform is essentially project management on steroids. We designed it specifically for people who not only do projects but also take on clients, sell services and train employees abroad.

It's a web app that is also mobile responsive so it works on any device with a web browser. Ultimately what Mixtape helps you do is stay on track while managing your team, clients and any other projects you may run.

In addition to having features that other platforms simply don't have (such as the employee portal) we also offer UNLIMITED projects, users and storage which is HUGE.

Questions? Feel Free to Get in Touch!

Neil Macpherson
Robert Dickson
Niranjan Pradhan
For review access send an email to jv@marketmainframe.com